Fuhrer (100ml)


1p0 ml, Sparkling Massage Oil for better skin and reduce pigmentations.  Apply in skin, in soft areas mainly to get more skin perfection. To reduce body odour, apply in underarms and sweat areas. 

Application on face:  Take 3 to 4 drops of of Fuhrer in hands and rub on the face and cheeks. It is good for peripheral blood circulation and to reduce sinus area cleaning. 

It will create mild burning feel in face tissues…  After proper cleansing the burning feel will reduce. 

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Fuhrer is a herbal extraction based on virgin coconut oil, musk and holy basil as major ingredients. It is a sparkling massage oil and good for massage parlours and self-massage. Good to increase peripheral circulator system and skin texture. In few cases the doctors observed a wonderful support in body odour. 

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