Blue Gum Oil (Nidan) (30 ml)


pain relief and muscular relaxation

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Nature of medicine: Oil

Major Ingredients:

Ginger oil

Eucalyptus leaves

Holarrhena antidysenterica

Small onion

Himalayan rock salt


Black pepper


In therapeutic area nidan is being used for general pain relief and muscle relaxation . For diagnosis purpose it is used for finding the neurological blocks which is the cause for pain.


  • Localized pain
  • Migraine
  • UTI
  • wounds

Functional description:

When applied locally it acts on metabolism and corrects the structural damage which is causing the block, by clearing the block and allowing for proper transmission it alleviates pain immediately .It helps in diagnosing the root cause of pain in particular location and helps to treat the pain from the root.

Ginger oil effect:

Anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, Anti microbial. And also have wound healing property.

Eucalyptus oil effect:

gives anti inflammatory and analgesic property.

Small onion effect: 

Anti inflammatory and anti allergic, helps in wound healing.

Himalayan rock salt effect:

Anti inflammatory

Garlic effect:

Natural anti biotic, Anti inflammatory, immune boosting, euro protective.

Black pepper effect:

Anti oxidant, Anti inflammatory, Immune boosting, neuro protective

The view of Ayurveda: 

Due to having pitta shamaka properties it acts on pitta imbalance and helps in treating pitta prakopakara diseases like migraine and UTI.

In pain management it mainly corrects the pitta, when pitta is corrected it will show the effect on metabolism, by correcting metabolism it removes toxins (AMA) which leads to   structural damage. Structural damage causes obstruction to apana vata from its circulation. When internal damage is corrected automatically circulation of apana vata will be regulated and transmission will happen without obstruction, so pain will be reduced instantly.

How to Use?

This is an external application we can use only in targeted areas.

General application instructions:

  • Usage in pain: In pain management it should be applied in sufficient quantity in particular affected area. Here we can target in two ways. We can apply it where the pain exists and also we can use if we diagnose any block in particular area, and it is leading to the pain in other area, in such condition by clearing the blockage in one area alleviates pain in other location which is caused by blockage.
  • Usage in migraine: In case of migraine it should be applied along with cleaning solution. First few drops of cleansing solution should be applied 2 inches around naval and then few drops of nidan should be applied over it.
  • Usage in UTI: When apply below the area of umbilicus and pubic area it will regulate imbalanced pitta from urinary system and gives relief from pain and burning sensation by increasing urine flow. Along with nidan if we advise Gokshura powder for internal medication result can be more effective.
  • Usage in foot pain and swelling :

Due to Ama dosha vata, pitta, kapha, raktha are accumulated in the veins, and impairs circulation hence it leads to pain and swelling in extremities. When we apply nidan around umbilicus it will clear blocks which is caused by ama accumulation, so circulation will increase and reduces pain and swelling

Exclusions / inclusion:

         Nothing particular

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