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Nature of medicine: Oil

Major Ingredients:




Cow milk







SP.MIX is especially beneficial for preventive arthritic care and strengthening joints and muscles. It can work excellently to reduce redness and swelling in joints.


Degenerative joint diseases

Arthritic pains

Stiffness of joint

Redness and swelling of joints.


Effect of Gokshura:

Acts as anti inflammatory

Effect of Ghee:

One of the main ingredients of SP.MIX is GRITHA .It is a rich source of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin K.vitamin K has a positive effect on bone mineral density that help in bone degeneration and keep them healthy.

Effect of Salt and neem oil:

Salt and neem oil acts as analgesic, anti inflammatory and alleviates pain in joints.

Effect of Gomuthra:

Having Gomuthra as one of ingredients it will have “ama hara” property and penetrate to deeper tissue and helps in reducing edema.

Effect of Bruhathi and Punarnava:

Bruhathi and punarnava acts as anti inflammatory and reduces edema.

Effect of ginger:

Brumhana property ginger will help in muscle strengthening so; it is widely used in rehabilitation area of MND, Stroke and Parkinsonism.

Effect of karpoora:

Due to presence of karpooram as an ingredient application of oil is effective in reducing the severity of joint pain among menopausal women (according to a research approved by THE DISSERTATION COMMITTEE ON NOVEMBER 2012).karpoora also helps in reducing edema due to its penetrating property.

Effect of Cow milk: It strengthens the joints and rejuvenates.

Where we can use:

It is good for regular usage to prevent osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disorders. It helps in reducing edema and redness of joints, and good for care of menopause related joint pains. Effective for rehabilitation care after treatment of neuro muscular diseases.

Ayurveda view:

According to Ayurveda joint pain is considered as sandhi vatham.

Sandhivata is mentioned as kapha kshaya and vatha prakopa vyadi.

In Sp mix GRITHAM is main ingredient it will helps to balance the Kapha.

Other main ingredient is COW MILK. It helps to vata regulation and increases the kapha in joints.

Rest of all other ingredients also helps to regulate vata and kapha.

How to use?

  • Make it warm before application, in the condition of only pain with no swelling.
  • If pain is associated with swelling make it Luke warm.
  • Good for using with kidi with roasted horse gram.

General application instructions:

  • In the condition of joint and muscle pain it should be applied after making warm on targeted area twice a day.
  • In vata associated joint pain it can be mixed with kottam chukkadi choornam for effective results and in kapha associates pain sp.mix can be mixed with kolakuluthyadi choornam and applied on localized area to reduce swelling.

Exclusions / inclusionOil should not make too hot in the condition of pain associated with swelling.

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