How it started.

During the process of research on BPM Therapy, our doctors were guided into ancient marma-shastra and the effectiveness of external applications. To reduce the internal medication our medical team started using the herbal extractions along with the BPM Therapy procedures to stimulate and modulate various functions such as neuro transmissions and blood channelising, using the Tridosha principle of Ayurveda. Our products were highly effective in supporting the fast recovery of a wide variety of cases ranging from chronic neurological cases to regular cases such as stress, insomnia and pain.
Although we have a range of widely used OTC(over the counter) products for common use cases such as pain-care, relaxation, insomnia care, hair care and skin care, the majority (about 70 % ) of our product range is prepared only for therapeutic use under the guidance of a qualified physician
The most important factor of these preparations is that it can be used by any discipline of treatments.

Formulated by:
Mr. Hareesh, The founder & Director of ‘ An Illuminator’ guided this venture, which he acquired from his long travel and extensive experiences through his natural rejuvenation procedure.